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"Life is nothing but an opportunity for love to blossom." - Osho


Transform Your Relationships 

Are you repeating relationship problems?

The purpose of this 3 hr workshop is to help you to understand how we can radically change the quality of relationships we have. It is an introduction to the Learning Love approach to Inner Transformation and Conscious relating.

Yes! You CAN have intimacy in your life!

Melbourne Transpersonal Counselling Work

This workshop will include:

  • Understanding the Learning Love approach

  • Bringing awareness to how we shape our relationship problems and patterns unconsciously

  • Understanding more about relationship triggers

  • Understanding how to curate intimacy

  • Guided meditation to feel this new information from a deep place inside 

  • Specific questions for personal reflection and inner exploration



Please contact us for further information or complete the form below.

0452 531 963


If you are having relationship problems and would prefer to start with personal sessions you are very welcome to get in touch for questions or to book a counselling session with me in person or online.


Please go to contact page to email your enquiry

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