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Empower Self with Clarity, Confidence & Direction through Transpersonal Counselling


“The wound is the place where the light enters you.” - Rumi

Empower Self with Clarity, Confidence & Direction through Transpersonal Counselling

Transpersonal Counselling is a holistic approach, viewing life and all life experiences including difficulties as part of the larger process of growth.


It empowers the individual to change by recognising their natural compulsion for self-actualisation and greater wholeness. It also upholds that finding meaning is essential for psychological health and shows us that we have the ability to influence our own healing on all levels, including physical.


Transpersonal Counselling integrates Western and Eastern psychology, and upholds that consciousness, energy and nature are also central to the human experience.


Transpersonal Counselling helps you to increase awareness of your body, mind, and spirit, with a view to transforming the way you interact with yourself and others. This brings more aliveness, clarity, confidence and deeper meaning to the journey of life.

Suitable for those that are experiencing:


  • Anxiety

  • Confusion

  • Lack of joy and pleasure in life

  • Loss of direction, meaning and purpose

  • Lacking motivation and vitality

  • Low self worth/self esteem

  • Sense of hopelessness

  • Depression

  • Grief

  • Promotes self-awareness, creativity, and the unfolding of the person’s authentic self towards growth, healing and wholeness

  • Empower yourself in your life

  • Helps to understand energy, how we can influence our own life and how we affect others.

  • Increase self worth

  • Find clarity and direction

  • Find purpose & meaning in life

  • Build a fulfilling and contented life

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Principal Modalities & Practices

Person Centered Transpersonal Counselling

As a Person Centered therapist, I form authentic relationship with my clients, based on genuine communication and an empathetic approach to human experience, allowing present moment awareness to guide our way. Using this approach you'll discover that within you there is a natural intelligence that guides the healing process. My goal as a Person Centered therapist it to recognise what is needed for your journey to unfold naturally, and to assist you in discovering your own capacity for insight, self-direction and personal transformation.

Understanding Energy

Our energy can influence our experience of life and create both positive and negative outcomes. Understanding the direct connection between the way you express energy, and what is created as a result brings empowerment and excitement about new possibilities.



Dreams provide us with access to aspects of ourselves, which we are normally unaware. Working with our dreams puts us in touch with our own deep wisdom and hidden potential, as well as providing guidance around current issues.


Therapeutic Ritual

Ritual processes are powerful to acknowledge meaningful life events, such as new beginnings, anniversaries, endings, rites of passage, letting go or major life changes.



Body Focus is about re-establishing connection to the body and feelings, and discovering its defences and holdings, in order to release them. The body’s felt sense also guides us towards inner wisdom and healing and resilience.

Are you wondering how Tanspersonal Counselling can help you?

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