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Inner Leadership Coaching 
Inner development to enhance your professional life

Ever wondered why you react the way you do internally and what to do about it?

Do you push yourself to be the best and still suffer from imposter syndrome?

Are you experiencing chronic stress or heading for burnout?


What people see is your behaviour and actions.....and your results are the product of the decisions you make and the actions that you take......

however often people underestimate the importance of the inner world and the unconscious mind on our personal and ultimately our business performance. True or conscious leadership is an inside job first. Inner leadership is focused on depth and developing maturity and capacity to grow through disturbances that present inner challenges.

These private coaching sessions help you to understand the human condition and develop the deeper skills needed to navigate your inner world. Helping you to understand why we behave the way we do, based on our development and deeper wounding. They help you to transform and develop the inner skills to approach your work and professional relationships with more dignity, awareness, wisdom and peace of mind.

Together we will be working on the following skills:

Successful Relating

  • Understand people and develop skills to relate successfully with colleagues, employees and clients

  • Learn tools to relate effectively and develop yourself through challenging relationships in the workplace 

  • Developing connection rather than separation

Develop emotional intelligence and resilience

  • Cultivate self-regulatory skills and increase capacity to be present 

  • Understand which of your behaviours are coping mechanisms that hold you back

  • Learn to recognise when you are triggered what is happening inside you on a deeper level

  • Master reactivity patterns

  • Discover the deeper causes that trigger ineffective or negative behaviours 

  • Learn how our behaviours are linked and the impact they have on others

  • Learn what to do when you are triggered - even in the face of stress

  • Enhance deeper self confidence

Understand people, stress management and burnout

  • Experience and learn a neuroscience researched and naturalistic approach to stress management 

  • Perform at a higher capacity under stressful situations with improved cognitive function

  • Learn how to function daily with resilience and ease

  • Address anxiety and fear that are often not influenced by rational thinking

  • Reduce long term effects of stress on body and avoid burnout

If you are ready to lead from a regulated place with dignity where you can access your deeper wisdom........

then this coaching is for you and I would love to hear from you.

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