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"Helping people connect with their innate nature, their ability to self-regulate, to be a centering presence in their own lives and relationships, to deliver their creative presence in the world and to live a curated life is my purpose."  - Emanuela Girotto


Emanuela Girotto

I am a Counsellor that takes a holistic approach, viewing life and all life experiences including difficulties as part of the larger process of growth. My own inner journey began when I set out to make sense of my mother’s early death from cancer. My aim was to understand the connection between mind, body and Spirit and how we can influence our well-being. What followed was my own life challenges and losses, in all areas of my life, including relationship, financial and health. In essence these were the real catalyst to a deep exploration of my inner and outer life.

For more than two decades I have been dedicated to know and explore self, consciousness, and the importance of how we relate. I travelled the planet to find teachers, pathways and tools for transformation. In addition, many years of personal development through workshops, retreats and trainings enabled me to make a series of healthy choices, heal myself, and my relationships, and turn my life into to one of fulfillment.

My journey of coming home to myself, and of curating conscious relationship has inspired me to share my learning with others. I am passionate about sharing the tools I found effective and to support others on their journey of inner growth and sustained change.

My passion for personal growth and conscious relating also extends to the impact it has on our world. I believe it directly enhances our well-being, and in turn, the well-being of others. We are connected and affected by each other. Knowing how we relate with important people in our lives intimately or professionally, directly affects the larger community we live in, which in turn, affects the larger whole of humanity, our environment and our planet. This understanding gives us the power to be able to make a change, to transform ourselves through our relationships, which transforms our world.


    My approaches include: 

  • Talk therapy: to help you to connect with your feelings, understand yourself and integrate key aspects of your experience.

  • Experiential processes: to access the unconscious and help ground your understanding, healing and transformation more deeply while gaining more life energy and personal power.

  • Body oriented therapy: to enable tuning into, and tracking the bodily felt sense, in order to settle the nervous system and release deeply held emotions and trauma residing in the body and the unconscious.

  • Learning about energy: to understand energy, in a metaphysical sense, which helps us to understand how we influence our own life and how we affect others.

  • Learning relating skills: to gain helpful tools to relate and communicate consciously and grow through disturbances.

About Melbourne Transpersonal Counsellin

My Holistic Counselling Approach

My life, travels, and learning have informed my own style of Holistic Counselling. At Melbourne Transpersonal Counselling  I combine a unique blend of transformative personal growth and therapeutic methods, that promote self-awareness, creativity, and the unfolding of the person’s authentic self: Transpersonal Counselling, Somatic Experiencing ® and Learning Love® Therapy


  • Transpersonal Counselling Adv. Dip.

  • Somatic Experiencing ® Practitioner

  • Learning Love ® Therapist and Teacher

  • Member Australian Counselling Association (Level 2)


Contact Melbourne Transpersonal Counselling

You are very welcome to get in touch for questions or to book a counselling session with me in person or online.


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