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  • How many sessions will I need?
    You can have one session to explore an issue or a series of sessions that will allow you to go deeper. I recommend starting with a course of 3-5 regular sessions, after which we can space out sessions more depending on your need.
  • Are sessions available remotely?
    Sessions are available in my consulting room in South Melbourne and are also available via telephone or online.
  • How long are the sessions?
    Sessions are 60 minutes long. Longer sessions at Transpersonal Counselling Melbourne can be arranged.
  • How much are the Counselling rates?
    Sessions at Transpersoanl Counselling Melbourne are $180 per hour
  • Will I be able to get the Medicare mental health care plan rebate?
    Medicare does not give rebates for these services.
  • Do you have gift vouchers?
    Yes! Gift Vouchers are available. Please call Transpersonal Counselling Melbourne or email to arrange.
  • What is required for appointment changes?
    I highly value your time, and mine, and kindly ask for 2 business days notice to be provided when cancelling or rescheduling appointments. This allows Transpersonal Counselling Melbourne the opportunity to fill your appointment time. Please note that if the required notice is not given, full payment is required.

                                       Transpersonal Counselling Melbourne

You are very welcome to get in touch for questions or to book a counselling session with me in person or online.


Please go to contact page to email your enquiry.

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