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"Love is the goal, life is the journey." – Osho


Transform Yourself and the quality of Your Relationships with a Relationship Coach and Learning Love ® Sessions

Relationships can bring up a lot of pain and conflict. At times we can resist, blame and repeat patterns over and over again. We are often not aware of mechanisms that prevent us from living a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with ourselves, and others.


A committed intimate relationship is one of the most beautiful aspects of life, as well as one of the most challenging. That which is reflected about ourselves, in intimacy and sexuality can be a great learning. In today’s world, keeping intimacy alive and flowing requires dedication to self-knowledge, time and tools.


Learning Love sessions are about intimacy and connecting deeper with your self.  We learn that we need to embrace and accept all of ourselves so we are clear about what we bring into our relationships. When we relate intimately, deeper wounds surface. It is essential that we communicate these wounds in a way that enhances intimacy, rather than leading to drama and separation.


By doing this work with a Learning Love therapist and Relationship Coach you will learn very specific tools and techniques for working through issues that come up as you relate. In this way, your relationship improves and you deepen your own connection inside. Disturbances shed light on our wounding and show us our pathway to growth, resulting in conscious relationship.


These transformative relationship coaching and therapy sessions for individuals are a combination of teaching to gain understanding and also deep guiding which provides experiential knowing.


Transform relationship triggers into a journey of self-discovery and personal development. You CAN create intimacy in your life!


As a Certified Learning Love Therapist, Relationship Coach and Teacher I invite you to learn deeper about intimacy with self and another!

   Symptoms can include:

  • Relationship problems, co-dependency, feeling unloved or unlovable

  • Avoiding relationship

  • Difficulty making or sustaining relationships

  • Repeatedly becoming involved in unsatisfying or destructive relationships

  • Jealousy in relationships

  • Anger at oneself and others

  • Sense of not being good enough

  • Fear of speaking-up and being heard or having a voice

  • Difficulties in setting limits and saying no

  • Lack of joy and pleasure in life, sense of hopelessness

  • Fear of intimacy

  • Disappointments in intimacy & relating sexually

  • Sexual addictions or avoiding love making


  • Learn how to be connected as well as independent

  • Be authentic in relationships

  • Learn to transform reactivity into growth opportunity

  • Recognize and transform sabotage patterns that affect relating and connection

  • Learn how to transform relationship pain

  • Bring awareness to how you shape your relationship patterns

  • Learn tools to relate and communicate consciously

  • Connect with your true essence

  • Heal and strengthen your relationship with yourself and your body

Relationship Problems.jpg

The basic principle of The Learning Love Work is to help you to reconnect with trust in yourself and to learn the art of

deep, committed, and sustained intimacy.


You can find out more in this 3 minute video about the Learning Love work,

by Dr Krishnanda Trobe  and Amana Trobe, Founders of The Learning Love ® Institute.

Would you like to explore how a Learning Love Therapist and Relationship Coach can help you?

If you are you repeating relationship problems then a Learning Love therapist and Relationship Coach can help.


You are very welcome to get in touch for questions or to book a counselling session with me in person or online..


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